Corporate Reflexology

Whatever the size of your business, it makes sense to look after your biggest asset – your employees.

Workplace stress is a big concern for employees in the UK and worldwide. In 2020, of British adults in employment – a staggering 79% commonly experience work-related stress. This is 20% higher than 2018’s findings.

It is highly likely that there are people living and working with stress in your business today. Stress affects productivity through both absenteeism and presenteeism which in turn affects profit margins.

If you could supply your workforce with a method of keeping on top of their stress levels, would you implement it?

If this method of helping stress levels also made them healthier, happier, more balanced and improved well-being, would you give it room in your business?

Why Reflexology? For Wellbeing in the workplace - infographic stating Reduced absenteeism, increased satisfaction within the workspace, fewer sick days, reduced pain, increased wellbeing and motivation, increased loyalty, increased feelings of support

How can a well-being service benefit your Business and your Employees?

Why not consider having an on-site reflexologist visit your Business regularly. Each Business has its own level of involvement. In some places each individual employee is responsible for the cost of the treatment, others pay for the treatments as a thank you to their staff,  and some have healthcare policies whereby each individual can pay on the day for their treatment and then claim the cost back. Whatever works best for your Business.

Treatments are carried out on-site, i bring a special chair for the client to sit in and all I need is a quiet corner or room to work in. Treatments can last between 20mins to an hour and are non-invasive, all I need the client to do is remove their shoes and socks, sit back and relax. 

Arrange a Consultation

If your Business is interested in providing well-being treatments to your staff just get in touch and I am happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. I am a Level 5 Clinical Reflexologist, completed extra courses in supporting Women through Menopause and also hold qualifications in Facial Reflexology. I am fully insured and a full Member of the Association Of Reflexologists and abide by their code of conduct and offer a totally confidential service.