Claire Finn with her daughters

How Reflexology found me…

Why am I so passionate about reflexology and how it can help so many of my clients?

Reflexology “found me” at probably one of the lowest points in my life. I had been working as a beauty therapist for many years and had started to feel a real pull towards the more holistic treatments.  I had completed a course at The Beechwood Cancer Care Centre in Reiki level 1 and found that it was such a balancing and calming treatment.

Then a few years went by and I found myself in a very unhappy marriage, two children at High School and I was just existing. May 2016 my marriage ended and I found myself in the position of explaining to my then 16 and 14 year old daughters that I was divorcing their Dad due to the fact he had been unfaithful. This was probably the worst conversation I have ever had to have. If you have experienced this you will understand that it is actually worse than a bereavement.

Survival Mode

I then went into autopilot mode and just about managed to drag myself through each working day. I wasn’t eating or sleeping and my body was in survival mode. I remember a lovely client of mine suggesting that I go for a reflexology treatment.

At that point I would have tried anything to improve my current situation! I went along to my reflexology appointment with very little expectation and lay on the treatment couch and cried for the entire hour while my feet were being treated. I remember coming out of the appointment feeling so much lighter and calmer than when I went in…..I was hooked!

I returned every fortnight for the next few months for my hour of relaxation and offloading – it was like a combined therapy session and reflexology. I really believe that by taking time out regularly and having the reflexology which was rebalancing my body and mind that this got me through my divorce, moving house and setting up my business working from home.

Training In Reflexology

Once things started to calm down a little I then knew that I wanted to train to do Reflexology. I enrolled on a course in September 2018 and was lucky to have the most amazing tutor Allison Walker at The Contemporary Reflexology College.

Over the next twelve months I learned so many new skills and also experienced having regular reflexology as we practiced the routines on each other. During this time myself and my two daughters were having regular counselling sessions to deal with the aftermath of the divorce and the very toxic nature of their Dads behaviour towards them.

Again I strongly believe that the fact that I was having regular reflexology gave me the sense of calm I needed to be able to concentrate on my studies, work full time and also maintain my sanity at a very challenging time.

Treatment swaps helped me to regain balance and calm

Fast forward to July 2021 and after covid lockdowns and a period of not working and much uncertainty I returned to seeing clients. I was feeling very wobbly and not sure of the dangers of covid and interacting with clients again. I was then approached by a fellow reflexologist and we discussed doing treatment swaps on each other.

I am forever grateful to her getting in touch as I so needed the treatment and she is such a wonderful reflexologist. Again I found myself at a time when I felt vulnerable and the treatment helped me regain balance and calm. We continue to regularly have treatments which I think is so vital when you give so much of yourself to your clients.

Sadly my Dad passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2021 and I feel that the sessions of reflexology have really helped me to process what I have been feeling and combined with some grief counselling I have slowly come to terms with what has happened. Reflexology has allowed my body and mind some time out and some much needed self-care. I feel that I am now at a place in my life where I never would have been if I hadn’t experienced such heartache and such lows.

My treatment room is a safe place

I love my job and I am so passionate about what I do and why I do it. I feel that I give a lot of myself to my clients and I come from a place of caring, listening and understanding a lot of their feelings. My treatment room is a safe place to let go, unwind and offload without judgement. As a reflexologist I am also a work in progress and I am working on my own work/life balance. I have started meditating, walking regularly in the mornings and tonight I am off to try a session of mindfulness.

We all need to find the things in our life that bring us joy, happiness and calm.

If you think that Reflexology may help you, please do get in touch