Claire talks about menopause in her latest blog

This word seems to have so much negativity attached to it and yet every woman has to go through this transitional stage in her life. The symptoms are endless and it takes a while to realise the connection and associate them with the menopause.

Ladies who are struggling please don’t suffer in silence there is so much help out there.

As someone who is peri menopausal myself and has struggled with symptoms I am extremely passionate about helping ladies at this time in their lives. You need to feel like you again and regain your zest for life.

I have a range of people that I can signpost you to whether it’s for counselling, choosing which supplements to take, working with a nutritionist for better health or what to do to bring you joy such as taking up an exercise class or doing yoga and meditation.

How can Reflexology help with menopausal symptoms?

Reflexology can support a menopausal woman physically, mentally and emotionally. It can help a woman tune into her body’s needs, highlighting imbalances and areas which need attention. It can provide a safe space in which to relax, receive and be self-focused.

Having an empathic reflexologist who understands the physical changes behind menopausal symptoms and takes her problems seriously can, in itself, help to relieve stress. Regular reflexology can help with reducing hot flushes, lowering stress levels, help with sleep issues, reduce anxiety and improve your wellbeing.

The effects of reflexology are cumulative and, depending on specific needs and symptoms, a course of treatments is usually recommended. For further information please get in touch.